About Mike

Michael Shane Mohler is pretty great... he has:
-Bachelor of Science in Education
-Advanced Diploma in Interactive Media

Work Experience includes: Intern Web Designer for Startup Media Website "VenueOne", Freelance Web and Graphic designer, Being a Damn Good Special Needs Teaching Assistant, making ice cream, gardening, camp counselor, food service.

Skillz Include

Awesome at:
Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash, HTML, CSS, Premier Pro, Joomla, general internetting and doodling

O.K. at:
3D Studio Max, jQueary, Actionscrip, and PHP.

Contact Me

Mike is currently living in the Dublin Ireland area.
You can contact him at:

E-mail: msm8314@gmail.com
or just use the handy dandy contact form below.

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Of course I have a blog.
Media Makin' is just where I go to record helpful bits of code or techniques that I run across that I want to remember or share with other people.